How to excel in the game of tennis with a correct mindset

Posted on June 6th, 2017

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Every game has its beauty and in order to excel in sports, you need hard work and determination. Without the correct mindset, you cannot expect to improve your game and become a professional sportsperson. In tennis, you need to be ready to follow a strict fitness regime and eat the right food. Follow your coach, listen to him and you can expect to reach new heights in your game.

Bending your knees

It may sound awkward but this is true that bending your knees properly can help you improve your game. When you bend your knees you will be able to traverse through the course very easily. It also helps you in putting your body in an optimum position and jump back to your position.

Always keep your eyes on the ball

In order to have proper contact with the ball and hitting it hard you should keep your eyes on the ball till the end. Most of the players are uncertain when it comes to staying in contact with the ball. You should keep your eyes on the ball until you are able to see blur of the racket. Once the racket strikes the ball, that’s the point when you move your eyes away from the contact zone.

Overhead shots

This is an effective technique that helps you in preventing your head dropping away too soon. Your focus should be on pushing your non-dominant arm as high as possible and keep your arm high until you make contact with the ball.

Improving your game for your volleys

It is really simple and you should focus on keeping your racket up in front of the body. It helps you in staying ready for the ball and making a proper contact.



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