Post Match Interview

Posted on January 26th, 2009

Q. How would you rate your performance tonight?

JO?WILFRIED TSONGA: It’s a big performance for me because James is a good player. For me it was really important to win today, to access the quarterfinal.

No, it was really important for me.

Q. How do you feel to be back in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open?

JO?WILFRIED TSONGA: I feel good. How I can feel bad (smiling)?

Q. Better than last year?

JO?WILFRIED TSONGA: No, the same. For me it’s gonna be a new round and against Verdasco. I know I have my chance, so I will try to take it.

Q. What is on your knee?


Q. Is there anything wrong with it?


Q. Did the fireworks affect you in any way in the third set?

JO?WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, a little bit, because after that I was a little bit stressed, you know. Yeah, it was difficult to serve just after the fireworks, and that’s it.

But I did the job, and I’m happy to did it.

Q. How do you assess the match with Fernando?

JO?WILFRIED TSONGA: It’s going to be a tough match, I think. Fernando played very well at the beginning of the season. I think I will be healthy. So I will do my best and we’ll see after the results.

But I know Fernando is a really good player. He won Davis Cup last year. And I think since that he’s very confident in his game and it’s gonna be hard.

Q. Were you surprised he beat Murray?

JO?WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, yeah, because Andy is maybe the best player of the end of the season last year, and he play well. He’s 4. So, of course, I’m a little bit surprised.

Q. Are you happy about that or would you have preferred to have played Murray?

JO?WILFRIED TSONGA: No. For me the same. I have to play again and I have to win. It’s the same.

Q. Do you think this tournament favors people who aren’t so experienced? You made it to the finals. Verdasco is through to the quarters.

JO?WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, maybe I have some experience. But he has, too. Like I said before, he won the Davis Cup. It’s a big event. It’s really tough to play a final like this, like he did. I know he will play his chance, and that’s it

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