5 Best Flowers To Plant At The Beginning of The Spring Season


With us witnessing nearly four or five seasons a year, it will not be wrong to say that spring season is the best and perhaps the favorite of everyone. Yeah many of you may have summer or winter or the drizzles in your favorite list, but spring season is considered to be the most beautiful and attractive season of the year. The spring season brings a hint of both the summer and the winter all along, and this mixture proves to be enough to grow some really fancy and elegant flower plants in the garden.

Just imagine the beauty of your garden with some really colorful and elegant flowers blooming all around! The spring weather is unpredictable, but this works as a factor and boon for many flowering plants to grow to their full length. While some plants need a bit of summer add-on to their growth, some will need the cool spring weather for their profit. But, it is a fact that any of the plant you choose will provide beauty to the area.

Here are 5 perennial flowers which will start growing just as the spring weather knocks at your door –

1. Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis)


I suggest you not to go on the name. The Bleeding heart gets its name from its color and shape of flowers. The flowers are bright red or pink colored and cute heart shaped that will be dangling down the length of each branch. The specialty of the flowers is that due to the color and shape, these look like little cheery charms!

Even the leaves of the plant are attractive with their chubby shape and will keep entertaining you until the flowers fade. This plant is seen blooming at the starting of the spring, as it needs the coolness of the weather to bloom. As summer arrives, the flowers turn yellow and start fading. So, it may be considered a short termed plant which will live till the cold spring is on. And you can plant them along with some fern or Hosta plant to ensure that your garden does not become dull after the Bleeding hearts fade!

2. Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis)


Unlike the Bleeding heart, the flowers of this plant do not go with their name. The Bloodroot is a ground cover plant which has the ability to keep growing and blooming until the spring ends, and does not rely on any specific part of the spring weather. The flowers are bright white colored which can enlighten any shady part of your garden. After the flowers fade in the mid-spring, the leaves will do the remaining job. This flower is very prone to weed, so make sure to buy a top-notch weed killer before planting this flower in your yard.

The leaves are beautiful blue green colored and will make a nice carpet in your garden for you to walk on. These plants live and last for a long time, or we can say the entire spring. This pant comes in two varieties – single flowered and double flowered. The double flowered variant is a little expensive but promises to look even more beautiful than its single counterpart.

3. False Forget-Me-Not or Siberian Bugloss (Brunnera macrophylla)


Like the name goes, this is a really small plant with tiny flowers but its complete beauty will not let you forget it in any corner of your garden. This plant is best suited to grow in any shady corner of your garden and will make that entire corner an eye catchy one. The specialty of this plant is that its leaves often get more attention than its flowers. The leaves are little heart shaped and are bright green colored. May it be for its flowers or its foliage, but this plant grows easily and needs very less care.

The plant blooms in the early spring and just as the summer arrives, the leaves get tattered and fade slowly. So, you have to cut the tattered leaves regularly to make space for the new leaves to grow. The plant grows in a clump and the large batches of tiny flowers make it look attractive. It is a slow growing plant and grows in moist and well drained soil.

4. Hellebores (Helleborus)


The Hellborus is not a particular plant but a genus of flowering plants and includes species like Christmas rose, Lenten rose and Bearsfoot hellebore etc. And the fun fact is that like their name, these plants do not grow on their respective weather names! The hellebores are most likely to grow in early spring weather, and the bearsfoot hellebore is known to grow the earliest.

These are very slow growing perennial plants and are a bit expensive to purchase. And if you are not specific about any color of flower you want in your garden, then you can very well opt for the pack of mixed color seeds! But after the seeds are planted, they will make you wait for some years to grow. But once they are grown, they are sure to live and beautify your garden for many decades. There is no such rule of these flowers or leaves to fade, and will look fantastic when grown with ferns or any small plant in any shady corner of your garden.

5. Lungwort (Pulmonaria)


Yeah, the name does not seem that appealing. But please do not go on the name because the plant itself is a fantastic one with its purple flowers and unique leaves formation. The Lungwort grows in the early spring, when the winter is at its peak. It has a really awesome and eye catchy foliage and the leaves look unique because of their dotted structure splashes with white and silver hair like structures.

These plants do not live long and are regarded as ephemerals, i.e. they grow well in the winter part of the spring season and fade away during the summer. The noticeable fact about the Lungwort is that it has two different kinds of flowers. One is the white colored flower which has its bright color till the death, and the other is the one which is pink during the early stage but turns blue after the pollination stage. So, the question is, would not you want a plant with two colored flowers in your garden?

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